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21/04/2014 - Belgian Open Weight Tournament 2014

March 30th Shihan Lu Eekhaut once again organized the  Belgian Open Weight Tournament in Kapellen. Participants from ShinKyokushin, IKO Tezuka, IBK, IKO Rengokai as well as from an independent Kyokushin Organization fought in this well organized event.

18/02/2014 - First National Kumite Training

On February 14 the first National  Kumite Training of the Belgian Kyokushinkai Karate Union was held at Kalmthout Dojo under the leadership of Sensei Raoul Strikker.

11/02/2014 - Belgian Kyokushin Union Kata Championship

Shihan Ludo Eekhaut once again organized this event which had been growing steadily in the last years! This year 5 countries were present : Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Belgium. Over 160 participants both juniors as well as seniors gave their utmost in a fair an enjoyable competition. For the first time two Tatami were needed to give everyone the possibility to show what they have been training for. Next to IKO Kyokushinkaikan Rengokai, participant of the following organization took part : IKO Tezuka, IKO Sokyokushin, IFK, Budokai Bluming and Shinkyokushin.

09/02/2014 - Kagami Biraki

Saturday January 11, the Belgian IKO Kyokushinkaikan Rengokai Dojo gathered for the first training of the year 2014, the Kagami Biraki. This year Shihan Roel Wildeboer from Holland was guest instructor with once again his famous Tae-Bo session. Senpai Joke De Borger of Mas Oyama Kalmthout Dojo gave a "stretching seminar" followed by a competition between the Dojo's on stamina exercises lead by Sensei Sebastien Mortreuil of the Ichi-Dai Dojo. Then Senpai Jolein Van Der Eycken from Oshi Shinobu Dojo and her friend Chris Wullaert gave an introduction in Taekwando. Shihan Christinan Snoeckx ended with a Tameshiwari demonstration. Finally the Kagami Biraki was closed with the sake ceremony and Dojo Kun recital.

12/11/2013 - New events added to the agenda

01/08/2013 - Belgian Kyokushin Union Summercamp

The 9th edition of the Belgian Kyokushin Union Summercamp was headed by three Japanese instructors. Shihan Jun Miwa, a direct student of Sosai, his student Sensei Toru Okamoto, who was the winner of the 7th world tournament (IKO 2) in 1999 and his student Senpai Mari Tanomura.

Besides them, the Belgian Senior Yudansha (Shihan Lu Eekhaut, Shihan Chris Snoeckx and Shihan Koen De Backker) assisted them and instructed several classes as well.

Over 60 Karateka presented had the opportunity to learn a lot in a short time. Next to the Belgian Karateka from Flanders and Wallonia, there were also participants from Holland and Sweden. Johan Jacobsson from Sweden successfully graded for San-Dan, thus becoming a Sensei!


27/06/2013 -  European Championships Schweinfurt Germany

The Belgian Team participated at the EC’s in Schweinfurt in both Kata as well as Kumite on June 9 with 6 competitors, 3 coaches and 2 referees.
All participants competed well and Senpai Niels Willeme even became second in the men's Kata division! Congratulations to all.

The 2014 European Championship will take place in Lloret de Mar, Spain on Mai 3

16/05/2013 - Seasonal news

The yearly Kagami Biraki took place in Beerse  on January 7 and was organized by Stamina Dojo. The Belgian Dojo’s participated in this common training by instructing each a special training session on their account (e.g. Bo-training by Ichi-Dai Dojo, Kicking workshop by Seishin Dojo, Judo initiation by Oshi Shinobu Dojo, etc ..).

On February 3, the Second Edition of the Belgian Open Weight Tournament organized by Seishin Dojo Kapellen proved that this concept has a potential to grow. This event is restricted for the moment only to Belgian Dojo’s regardless of affiliation and according to the Kyokushin tradition the bouts are fought without weight categories.


March 23: Seishin Dojo Kapellen organized the annual Belgian Open Kata Tournament with participants from Switzerland,  Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Belgium.


Stamina Dojo headed the International Knockdown Championships, Beker Der Kempen, on May 7 in Beerse. No less than 43 Dojo’s from about 10 European countries participated in this huge event  and fought in a fair yet demanding competition, keeping Sosai’s legacy alive!


The BKKU takes part in the 6th European Tournament in Schweinfurt, Germany on June 8 with a team of fighters, referees and coaches.


On July 5, 6 and 7 the IXth International Summercamp will take place in Herentals Bloso Centrum. This event, organized by Oshi Shinobu Dojo Vosselaar, brings 3 Japanese instructors to Belgium. Amongst them the famous Sensei Toru Okamoto, champion of the 1999 WT. Everyone from 10 years on, regardless of affiliation, is welcome to participate in this seminar.

01/12/2012 - World Tournament 2012

The delegation of the Belgian Kyokushinkai Karate Union made a strong impression on the occasion of the 3th IKO Rengokai World Tournament in Toyama on November 10-11 2012.
The group consisted of 3 fighters (Senpai Kathleen, Senpai Niels and Senpai Joke; at the last moment Senpai Sven had to cancel the tournament on doctor's advise), 3 referee's (Sensei Lu, Sensei Chris and Sensei Koen) and 2 coaches (Senpai Lu and Senpai Herbert). This means that 4 of the 6 Belgian Dojo's were represented at this world event. All our competitors fought the best they could and two of our fighters managed to get in the second round. The referees participated in the referee course and succeeded in the referee-test afterwards, so they were selected to join the tournament's referee-team and could actually assist in the tournament.

After the tournament the senior Belgian Yudansha took part in the Dan-grading as well as 2 of our Senpai. They all passed sussesfully the test! Besides the people above, a lot of supporters came along with the fighters and had a great time in Japan. Indeed after the tournament in Toyama, a big group of over 20 people went to Okinawa to visit this beautiful island and to enjoy the company of our friends of Shihan Shichinohe's Dojo.

We thank Shihan Yasuhiro Shichnohe and Sensei Vera De Lie for their great hospitallity!
After a trip of almost 2 weeks in Japan, everybody was very satisfied and happy to be back home again.


31/08/2012 - Start new season

The first national training of the new season will be held on October 5 from 20.30h till 22.00h and is focused on Kumite. It will take place at Oshi Shinobu Dojo, Vosselaar in Gemeentelijke Basisschool Centrum. As instructor, Sensei Raoul Strikker will guide us through this first training!

26/08/2012 - World Tournament 2012

The BKKU will send a large delegation to the 2012 WT of the IKO Kyokushin Kaikan Rengokai in Toyama, Japan in November 10-11.
The Belgian Team consist of the following Karateka :


Senpai Sven Willeme
Senpai Niels Willeme
Senpai Kathleen Eekhaut
Senpai Joke De Borger

Sensei Ludo Eekhaut
Senpai Herbert Van Hees

Sensei Christian Snoeckx
Sensei Koen De Backker

Next to the above officials a group of supportes will fly with them. Besides the tournament there will be an official International Meeting of the IKO Dojo Operators, a Yudansha Grading and some sightseeing. After the stay in Toyama, the group will travel to the beautiful island of Okinawa to spend some time with Shihan Yasuhiro Shichinohe, Sensei Vera De Lie and the many friends we have there, but also to train at the birth place of Karate-Do. We wish our team the very best in showing their ultimate fighting spirit, according to the Budo Karate of Mas Oyama.
Never give up!

10/08/2012 - Summercamp Sensei Dietmar Danish

One week after the Belgian summercamp, a Belgian group was present at the summercamp of Sensei Dietmar Danish in Bavaria, Germany: Sensei Lu Eekhaut, Sensei Koen De Backker, Senpai Niels Willeme, Senpai Senna Palinckx & Senpai Anne De Backker. Shihan Shigeru Tabata (JP) and Shihan Roel Wildeboer (NL) were the main instructors.

31/07/2012 - Summercamp 2012: end of the karate season

The summercamp was in many ways the end of this karate year. The intense training sessions of Shihan Tabata formed for many of us an excellent way to end the year and to draw inspiration from for the years to come! Although this year the number of participants did not reach the heights of previous years, the training weekend still provided the Budo spirit that makes Kyokushin what it is. And all of us together with guests from over the world (Shihan Kolovos, Australia; Shihan Roel Wildeboer, the Netherlands; Shihan Humberto Budtz, Danmark; Sensei Mohammed Farad, Libya; Sensei Dietmar Danish, Germany; Scotland...) made it again an opportunity to learn from each other and to get one step closer to Sosai's dream, which Shihan Tabata explicitly repeated: teaching Kyokushin as a way to achieve world peace.

For others, the camp was also an opportunity to show what they have learnt and to put their skill and spirit to the test. This year, the BKKU can welcome a new Nidan: Senpai Niels Willeme, a new Shodan: Senpai Kamil Dolecki and a new Ikkyu: Anne De Backker. Congratulations!

National training sessions will continue in September.



27/05/2012 - Beker der Kempen + Summercamp

The BKKU looks back on a succesfull 8th edition of the knockdown tournament "Beker der Kempen" held on may 12th, with 27 Dojo's from Danmark, Germany, France, Holland, Wallonie and Flanders participating with about 200 fighters from 6 years on. Beside the Kyokushin factions there were also other full contact stylist present. Sensei Christian Snoeckx as the organiser of this event introduced for the first time the "matchmaking" system for the youngest kids from 6 till 9 years and he was happy to see that many children took this opportunity to get some experience with Kumite.

Next event open for all stylists from 10 years on: the Belgian Summercamp July 13-14-15 2012 with Shihan Shigeru Tabata and Sensei Raoul Strikker as main instructors at Herentals Bloso Sportscentre. Special Guest: Shihan Humberto Budtz form Danmark!

18/03/2012 - Code of Conduct

BKKU has created a Code of Conduct for it's members. Read (Dutch)

04/03/2012 - New national training dates scheduled

National Kumite training: friday March 9 at Mas Oyama Kalmthout 20.00h - 21.30h

National Kata training: saturday April 21 at Stamina Dojo Beerse 10.00h - 12.00h

21/01/2012 - Group picture Kagami Biraki 2012

04/01/2012 - Season's Greetings from IKO Rengokai Japan

16/12/2011 - Kagami Biraki

On Januari 14, the annual Kagami Biraki will be held at Stamina Dojo, Beerse as the start of the new Karate year!

16/12/2011 - Season's Greetings from Shihan Tabata

12/11/2011 - Belgian Open Weight Tournament

Seishin Dojo will be hosting this event on March 24 in Kapellen, Belgium. This unique tournament is open to all organisations within Belgium.
For more information, visit the website: www.belgianopenweighttournament.com

12/11/2011 - Summercamp 2012

Shihan Tabata has confirmed that he will be present at the Belgian Summercamp 2012 in Herentals.

22/05/2011 - Beker der Kempen

On May 14, the annual Beker der Kempen was held in Beerse by Stamina Dojo. The tournament has been one of the most important Belgian tournaments for many years now and has become an international important event as well. Dojos from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France... were present with their best fighters, which makes for a very competitive tournament!

21/04/2011 - European Championships 2011

The European tournament, this year held in Szedeg, Hungary, April 16 & 17 in attendance of Shihan Shigeru Tabata (Japan) was a succes for BKKU! The Belgian team consisted of 2 fighters. Senpais Sven and Niels Willeme, coached by Sensei Lu Eekhaut. Senpai Niels Willeme reached 3rd place. He also managed to achieve the fastest knock-out of the tournament after only 7 seconds! Congratulations. Sensei Chris Snoeckx attended the tournament as a referee. He and Sensei Lu Eekhaut also participated at the international meeting.

27/03/2011 - BKKU Kata Tournament

The Kata Tournament held on March 20 by Seishin Dojo was a succes! The estimated 100 participants eventually became more than 140. Congratulations to all those who managed to get a position in the top 3 ranking. But of course congratulations as well to all the other participants, who made this tournament a day of Kyokushin Spirit!


06/03/2011 - Upcoming National Training Dates

The BKKU agenda has been updated: The next national kumite training will be held on Thursday March 24 in Beerse (20h - 21.30h), organised by Stamina Dojo. And the next national kata training on Saturday April 30 in Kalmthout (10h - 12h), organised by Mas Oyama Kalmthout.

Another change to the schedule has been made as well: The BKKU dojo operators have decided there will be no Belgian summercamp this year in July.

23/01/2011 - National Kumite Training & Kagami Biraki

Our first national training of 2011 was held on friday January 14 lead by Senpai Sven. It surely helpt everyone remember what Osu and Kyokushin Spirit means! So it was great training to start (hopefully) a great year.

But the official start of the karate year was given at the Kagami Biraki the day after. As always, Shihan Wildeboer came over from the Netherlands. This year teaching us some mixed martial arts and boxing. The president of BKKU, Sensei Lu, continued with some self defence and Sensei Herbert, who received his certificate of dojo leader from Japan, had made a Kyokushin quiz, which was very instructive with lots of questions about Mas Oyama Sosai. It is after all import to honour the remembrance of the founding father of Kyokushin! Sensei Koen finally provided a game from Taekwondo warming up. But before we headed for the sake ceremony, the new Shodans had to 'prove' themselves by doing tameshiwari, breaking techniques. And after the sake ceremony was concluded and some words of wisdom and Kyokushin spirit were spoken, a picture of the group was taken. The end of another great Kagami, but the begin of another karate year! Osu!

28/11/2010 - Season's Greetings from Japan

Japan has sent us their season's greetings. We hereby would like to do the same. To all karatekas: the best wishes for 2011! Let's hope the new Karate year will be as interesting as the last!

Season's greetings from Japan

24/11/2010 - Kagami Biraki + referee course

The first training of the year will - as always - be held at Stamina Dojo, Beerse for the annual Kagami Biraki! This year it wil take place on the 15th of january from 15.30h. till 17.30h. (The hour on the picture is incorrect). That's a bit later than previous years, but there will be a referee course prior to the actual training from 13.30 till 14.30.